This instrument (pictured above) was built as a 10 “rank" (sets of reeds) reed organ with a non functioning “pipe top” as was typical of reed organs built for chapels or churches.  For our purposes, the ornate nature of its casework and pipetop lent itself ideally to becoming a candidate for rebuilding as a temporary pipe organ to be loaned to a church while the company built the church’s new instrument.  It is an organ of one rank, a Stopped Diapason of 85 pipes.  Numbers 1-12 are mounted behind the casework.  13 to 85 are behind the dummy pipes.  The pitches are: Manual – 8 – 4 – 2, Pedal: 8 – 4 – 2.  It is on display (until needed) at the Cultural Arts Center, Carrollton, Georgia.

Historically, pipe organ companies manufacture their own components as is practical.  We continue that tradition in our shop.  Pictured here is a four bell Glockenstern, custom built for the First Presbyterian Church, Bainbridge, GA.  The bells are tuned and struck in a specific order to enhance the music for which it is used.






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