Pictured above is our 18 rank installation in the Barnwell United Methodist Church, Barnwell, S.C. Originally built by the Pilcher Company as a tubular-pneumatic instrument of six ranks (4, Sw, 1, Gt. & 1 Ped.), it served the church until the mid seventies at which time a Twelfth and Fifteenth were added to the Swell and an 8' Holz Gedeckt & 4' Principal were added to the Great along with a typical 2 M all electric console provided by the Moller Company..The church commissioned our firm in 2001 to rebuild the instrument, recognizing the need to replace its failing chest actions, relocate the mis-placement of the Swell stops added in the mid seventies, provide a new Principal chorus including a IV rank Mixture and Great reed with the 8' Principal of polished tin, en facade. To further fulfill the liturgical and musical requirements of a modest, well balanced instrument, we included a full reed chorus of 16', 8' & 4' pitches as well as a 1-1/3 Nineteenth in the Swell division. Our stoplist also provided for a well developed Pedal division retaining the Bourdon and Leiblich from the extant instrument, configured to provide a 32' pitch.. Recently, the firm completed the installation of an 18 tube set of Chimes for which the console was prepared. A unique feature incorporated into the instrument is the provision of the drawknob console with the drawknob placement across the nameboard as opposed to set into side jambs. The E.M. Skinner Company provided several instruments with consoles configured in this manner. Pictured to the right is a photo of the old facade prior to rebuilding. This facade now resides in a private residence in Carrollton, GA. serving as speaker covers for the owner's 3 M electronic theater-style organ.




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