A native of Chicago, Michael Proscia heard a pipe organ for the first time in a local church at age 13.  Never having heard such a sound previously, he turned to his father and inquired as to the nature of its sound.  His father said “it’s a pipe organ.”  During the ensuing years until the time of his moving to Georgia, Michael studied music and served apprenticeships with local Chicago builders.  Upon his arrival in Georgia, he continued this tradition with local builders for several years. Then the decision was made to dedicate his full time to organbuilding.

Founded in 1982, the firm dedicates itself to following the construction principles and guidelines as set forth by notable organizations such as the American Institute of Organbuilders, the American Guild of Organists and George Ashdown Audsley’s Art of Organbuilding among others.  “When we are asked to rebuild existing instruments, we respect its artistic merit at the time of deliberating a change and its suitability for enhancing and/or augmenting its resources.  We avoid gratuitous change for the sake of change. We reflect upon its original intent and future intent when considering any alterations.  We approach the construction of new instruments in a like manner taking into account accompanying congregational hymn singing, room size, acoustics and suitability for the majority of music for which it may be intended among other criteria.”

Typically, the company produces instruments that utilize electro-pneumatic and electro-mechanical key action.  However, we are familiar with and service instruments of all key and chest construction types: tracker, tubular-pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electro-mechanical. 

As an adjunct to respecting and adhering to the principles of pipe organ construction, we recognize the importance of being sensitive to the needs of our clients, including responding to calls for service on a timely basis, controlling costs by recycling and reconditioning components that merit this approach and purchasing quantities of materials when possible. We control costs by combining scheduled, contracted semi-annual tuning and maintenance trips thus eliminating the need for repetitive visits to a certain area.  This saving is passed along to our clients in the form of reduced fees for the services which we offer.

Operating a church or other organization requires judicious attention to budget. Assisting the church in underwriting the acquisition of a new instrument, rebuilding an existing instrument, console, chimes or other purchase is an important focus of the company.  A flexible financial arrangement is one option we offer. 



Bethel United Methodist Church Spartanburg S.C.

Retrofitted with Peterson ICS 4000 system




Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Orlando Fl.

10 Rank Rebuild with additions


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